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                        Please check only those who are using the mt Stamp application.
                        The customers who use 10 coupons of mt stamp application service to participate our factory tour, please enter your 21-digit user code starts with "U" (issued for the time of the exchange)
                        Even if you redeem coupons, if you have not entered your user number, your application will be a lottery.
                        Participation in mt factory tour vol.11 is only available to those who have applied with the coupons by by April 30,2022. Subsequent applications will be applied for participation in mt factory tour vol.11, and the coupons may not be used in this lottery. Thank you for your understanding.

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                          The customers who have mt stamp application, you applied for the participation in our factory tour by using the coupon with 10 stamps, please enter your second and third preferred date/time. If you don't have the coupon, we won't be able to take your second and third request.

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                          (only for those acquiring participation rights)

                          * If you visit our factory tour by yourself, it’s not necessary to fill in the name of companion.
                          * It’s not necessary to write the names of preschool children who will not require a seat on the bus.
                          * Any writing on the application other than your name will automatically exclude your application from selection.

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